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new book five stories by eric sheridan wyatt

I have recently collected my first five published stories into one volume: Five Stories by Eric Sheridan Wyatt. Catchy title, right?

If you'd like to read these stories, you can purchase the book here.

New Stories

Two new stories have recently appeared in print magazines. Dog Years was featured in issue 30 of Ruminate Magazine. It's Never Quite What it Seems is featured in volume 8 of Saw Palm.

Last spring my story, Perhaps You Should Visit Some Day, appeared in New Plains Review. Read more about all of these, and my other publications, at my Portfolio page.

Blog and Video

My blog, Stories I Read, Stories I Tell is a resource for writers of all levels. I post literature reviews, writing prompts, and my video blog, The Three Minute Writer.

I'd love it if you stop by, read a bit, and engage in some discussion about writing and topics of interest to writers.

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    What Do I Do?

    For several years, I've championed the motto: Words Matter.

    I think words are important--whether you are writing a book or a book report, a movie or a movie review, a TV commercial or a letter of complaint after purchasing the latest contraption from an Info-mercial.

    I've worked with business professionals to maximize their communication efforts. I've worked with students and teachers to improve basic reading and writing skills and move into deeper, more meaningful uses of literature and creative writing. I've worked with advertising professionals to craft words that make advertisements ring true at a deeper level.

    And, I can work with you. I will listen to your needs, ask the questions that help you find the important things you want to say, and then help you create simple, powerful, energizing text for your project.

    About This Site

    There are two things that will help us understand each other:

    First, take a look at the services I offer. The various pages here address specific areas, but this isn't an exhaustive list of ways I've helped others find their words.

    As you begin to understand my skills and areas of knowledge, you may find yourself thinking, "Maybe I could use some help, but I'm really not sure..."

    That's were the SECOND point comes in.

    The second thing you should do is contact me. We can talk. Talking is free, and it helps us get to know each other. I'll ask you some questions, listen to your answers, and then we can decide what's next.

    Fiction Writing Basics Courses

    fiction and legacy writing

    I'm currently offering Fiction Basics courses, both online and in person (for individuals in the Bradenton/Sarasota area).

    The classes focus on the craft of writing fiction, and are tailored to meet the student's needs. Every participant receives instruction, encouragement, and constructive, specific feedback.

    I only agree to take a limited number of students at any one time, so please check out all the details and email me if you are interested.

    Details are posted on the Creative Writing Instruction page. Come check it out!

    Writing Critique and Editing

    critique and editing

    Solid feedback is extremely important to writers. I would love to help you fine-tune your writing.

    I offer critique and editing services on several levels, with an easy-to-understand price structure. I can also help you submit your work to various outlets (especially you budding fiction writers out there).

    Check out the list of services I offer to writers of any experience level. Most of my services come with a "try-it-before-you-buy-it" preview.

    Head on over to the Resources for Writers page for an overview, or take a look at the Critique and Editing Services information.

    Legacy Writing Basics Course

    legacy writing

    If you've lost a loved one - a parent, spouse, even a child - you know the desire to have "one more day, one more conversation, one moment more" with that dear, departed one.

    Legacy Writing is the act of leaving some part of yourself behind, for future generations.

    I offer a Legacy Writing class, for both online and in-person participants, for individuals or small groups.

    Details are posted on the Creative Writing Instruction page. Let me know if you are interested in learning more.

    Education and Training Services

    tutoring, education, training services

    I've helped learners--from elementary through college--maximize their learning strengths and identify areas of improvement. I can help you (or your student) focus your learning in order to make the most of both your time and effort.

    I can offer help in all areas of study (for elementary and middle school students) and I can help with language arts, history, economics, and other non-math-related, upper-level courses.

    (If in doubt, feel free to email me and we can discuss your needs. Don't worry, I won't agree to tutoring, unless I am comfortable teaching the subject.) I am available for tutoring locally in the Bradenton-Sarasota area, or via online video conference. One-on-one or small group options are available.

    Here are my rates and services.

    Writer-In-Residence Opportunities


    I am in the process of developing my "Writer-in-Residence" program for schools, formal educational organizations, and other groups. As a writer in residence, I will offer workshops, one-on-one consultations, work with other teachers and educators, and provide other services.

    More details will be coming, but if you just can't wait to learn more, please shoot me an email, ASAP!

    My Blog and Twitter Accounts

    check me out on twitter and facebook and my blog

    I've been working to make my blog and Twitter account a resource for writers and others who are interested in the power of words.

    Words Matter (FaceBook) Become a fan!!

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    Stories I Read, Stories I Tell (WordPress) Stop by and say hello!

    Let's talk...

    let's have a cup of coffee

    There are any number of ways to build a working relationship, but the best way to start is simple: Let's Talk!

    If you are local, we can have a cup of coffee. If you aren't, send me an email, Tweet, or a message on Facebook. All of my contact information is listed here on the main page.

    Let me know what you are thinking about, and we can work together to make your dreams come true.


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