The Paradox of Creative Writing

Creative writing is a solitary art. We write alone. We struggle and fuss with the order of the words, which word to use, and how to say what it is we are trying to say. We argue with ourselves, sometimes for hours, about the placement of a comma.

But the great paradox of creative writing is that we really can't do it all alone.

Many writers try to do it on their own: they read books and magazine articles about writing, they study great literature, and they practice, practice, practice in isolation.

Inevitably, most of the people who decide to pick up a pen and tell their story make a bold start to their novel or write dozens of pages of their memoir, only to hit a brick wall where they suddenly doubt.

They not only doubt their ability to tell the story they were once so eager to tell, they begin to question whether it was ever even a very good story in the first place.

The brick wall moment creates a lot questions in the writer's mind about craft, process, and the creative mindset, and these questions often result in:
—Lack of motivation or followthrough or focus
—Frustration with under-developed technical skill
—Despair that the written product seems flat, lifeless, or confusing
—Realization that we need some outside help.

Sound familiar?

These feelings aren't unusual. It is a natural, if frustrating, scenario, familiar to writers of all levels of experience. But, it can be enough to make you want to put down your pen. These sorts of doubts and frustrations can suck the joy out of our writing life.

That's why I started Words Matter: to help other writers get the clarity, support, and perspective they need to invigorate their writing life.

Through classes, seminars and workshops, critique groups, and one-on-one creative mentoring, I've helped energize, inspire, and inform the creative lives of hundreds of writers.

Through my blog, podcast, and speaking engagements, I've been able to touch the lives of even more writers, from all around the world.

I've helped soothe their frustrations and overcome their roadblocks.

I can offer the same solutions to you.

Send me an email and introduce yourself, or come to one of my scheduled classes or writing groups. Explore the online resource I've collected here on my web-site: Read through the blog or listen to the podcast. Sign up for my e-mail newsletter and I will keep you up to date on new opportunities for writers.

The next step is up to you. You've been given a trail to follow, but you have to take the next steps. Don't spend another day alone in the creative wilderness.

You have a story to tell, and your words matter...let me help you discover how to make them count.

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Author and Educator – Florida and Online

Author and Educator – Florida and Online

Eric Sheridan Wyatt is an author and educator. His short fiction has appeared in Silk Road Review, Saw Palm, Ruminate, New Plains Review, Eunoia Reveiw, and The First Line, among others. His collection, FIVE STORIES, features the first five published

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Contact Eric Sheridan Wyatt

Contact Eric Sheridan Wyatt

Eric Sheridan Wyatt is an author, teacher, blogger, and podcaster. His short fiction has appeared in Silk Road Review, Saw Palm, Ruminate, New Plains Review, and others. His short story collection, FIVE STORIES, features the first five published stories of

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I was lost in my own words…

I am so grateful for your insights into ways my novel could be improved. Before your help, I was lost in my own words and thoughts. You helped me focus on what was worth keeping as well as to accept the changes that would improve my writing. Your honest and insightful encouragement were invaluable to me. Thank you.

Linda Gibson Ress author of Crying Days

Smart, insightful, and challenging

He has a definite pulse on what works in writing and what doesn't, and he is able to communicate this clearly and effectively in an encouraging way that is easy for a writer with a delicate ego to receive.

Anna James award-winning fiction writer

Keen insight and generous feedback…

Eric provides a clear summary of the work, a deep exploration of how the story succeeds certain craft elements, as well as suggestions on how to bring the story into its best form and truest voice.

Catherine Campbell fiction writer

Tools and strategies…

His insight about writing and writing practice is always sound, practical, and inspiring. Even though I’ve been writing for many years, I find myself taking his advice quite often. In particular, his knowledge of writing tools and strategies gives me new ways to broaden and deepen my work.

Andi Cumbo-Floyd Non-fiction Author,
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