I’ve written hundreds of articles, twice as many blog posts, dozens of letters to editors. I’ve written text for national marketing ads, state-wide direct mail and newspaper ads, flyers and brochures. There have been radio and TV spots, as well as employee manuals and training guides. Thankfully, most of those things are lost forever! Ha!

Below you’ll find a few of the things I’ve worked on over the years that seemed to resonate with people. It isn’t a full list, by any means, but perhaps it will give you a feel for my writing.

If you are interested in my CV, please click here.


I am currently finishing my short story collection, The Blues and The Oranges, and working on a novel tentatively titled, I Should Love You Less. Two novellas, SubLife and The Letter My Father Left Me are currently in revision stages.


There are no forthcoming publications at this time.


Five Stories

new book five stories by eric sheridan wyatt

Five Stories by Eric Sheridan Wyatt collects the first five stories I had accepted for publication.

The stories in this volume originally appeared in the following journals and magazines, in print and online: The MT Cup Review, The First Line, Epiphany Online, Ozone Park Journal, and Eunoia Review.

Click the cover at the left to buy a copy of Five Stories via LuLu.com. Five Stories can also be purchased through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and local independent bookstores.

You can buy it directly from the printer, here. (Best deal for me…but you can also order via Amazon or B&N, if you would rather. Or, ask your local independent bookstore to order you a copy.)

ISBN: 9781312230422

Ask for it!

It’s Never Quite What It Seems

The eighth volume of Saw Palm features my story, It’s Never Quite What it Seems.

It’s Never Quite What it Seems is a departure for me: a story written with an omniscient point of view. The story focuses on a family Christmas dinner where the stories just below the surface are far more interesting than the “typical” family facade might reveal to the casual observer.

Ruminate MagazineRuminate Magazine selected my story as the only fiction piece featured in Issue 30: The Body. Click on the cover to check out the details.

Dog Years is the story of Keith Hutcheson, a vetrinarian who is questioning his choice of profession, and his isolated life. That he has to retreat to the forest behind his clinic to weep after every pet euthanasia seems to be a good indication that his life is lacking balance and purpose.

Dog Years is one of the stories in my collection, The Blues and The Oranges, which is currently being submitted for publication.

New Plains Review

My story, Perhaps You Should Visit Some Day, appeared in the Spring 2013 issue of New Plains Review. It is available on select newstands and via Amazon.com. Click this link to buy the issue: New Plains Review: Spring 2013

What if? What might of been? What ever really was? The narrator ofPerhaps You Should Visit Some Day wrestles with love, and life, lost, and the true cost of the “safe” life.

Perhaps You Should Visit Some Day is one of the stories in my collection, The Blues and The Oranges, which is currently being submitted for publication.

Letters To Me

I was honored to contribute to the anthology, Letters To Me: Conversations With a Younger Self, edited by Dan Schmidt and featuring a wonderful lineup of writers. (Click the cover at the left to buy the book from Amazon, or contact me for information about discounts on bulk orders of 10 or more.)

From the book description: “A broken heart, a new job, an unexpected pregnancy, a confrontation, a win, a setback — not uncommon experiences when you’re between 18 and 30. But what if you could talk to yourself just when that was happening, in the light of everything since: what would you say? With LETTERS TO ME, you can listen in as artists, teachers, poets, consultants, bloggers, pastors, and activists from a wide range of backgrounds recall a significant event — and then speak to a younger version of themselves with compassion and wisdom about what it means, and how it mattered.”

Your Legacy of Words the Workbook

I have also recently published a workbook to complement my Legacy of Words classes. You can preview the book (and purchase a copy) by clicking on the cover to the left.

Legacy writing is a literary form that draws on several other literary traditions: genealogy, auto-biography, family history, and memoir. Leaving a Legacy of Words is one way we can leave behind a piece of our story to children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, siblings, and friends. This workbook is designed to help the individual, would-be Legacy writer, as well as to be used as a resource for my classroom series: Your Legacy of Words.

Details about my Legacy Writing classes are posted on the Creative Writing Instruction page. I teach Legacy writing to small groups and individuals in the Bradenton, Sarasota, and Tampa Bay areas of Florida, or online via video and email.


I was awarded a two-week writing residency by the Brush Creek Foundation for the Arts where I was writer-in-residence in May of 2012.


My short story (and novel excerpt), Most Dead Birds Are Never Found, appeared in Eunoia Review in the winter of 2012.

You can read the story here.

You can also purchase this story as a part of the collection: Five Stories by Eric Sheridan Wyatt.

This story is an excerpt of the novel, I Should Love You Less, currently in progress.



My short story, Dudley’s Sacrifice, is featured in the 12th issue of Ephiphany Magazine (Online). Click on the cover art (by Dan Williams) to the left to read the story.

You can also purchase this story as a part of the collection: Five Stories by Eric Sheridan Wyatt.

I also wrote a brief blog post about this story at my blog, Stories I Read, Stories I tell.


The First Line

My story, Solomon’s Ditch, was featured in the literary magazine of the Queens College of New York literary magazine, Ozone Park Journal.

You can purchase this story as a part of the collection: Five Stories by Eric Sheridan Wyatt.

I also blogged about this story two times: The Way a Story Beginsand Literary Life, 3.0


The First Line

My story, Cop-Cop Cop, was featured in the literary magazine, The First Line. Back issues are available at their website.

You can also purchase this story as a part of the collection: Five Stories by Eric Sheridan Wyatt.

This story was also re-printed on the now-defunct website called A Four Cornered Universe where it won second prize in their summer fiction contest.

The First Line is published quarterly, and every story included in a given issue starts with the same first line. You can find The First Line’s Website and learn more about the journal, including upcoming submission deadlines.


MTCup Review

An oldie, but a goodie…

You can purchase this story as a part of the collection: Five Stories by Eric Sheridan Wyatt.

This was my first fiction publication, back in the undergrad days. I would say this is a decent example of the fiction work at that time, but I like to think I’ve come a long way since then…

This story, Things He Wasn’t Supposed to Do, was printed in the now-defunct MTCup Review, a literary magazine of Ball State University. BSU has a new(er) lit mag now being produced called, The Broken Plate.


Marriage Book

I was one of several writers who had the opportunity to work with Mae and Erika Chambers in putting together their book, Can My Marriage be Saved? The book is packed full of good stories about troubled marriages and the lengths the people involved have gone to in an effort to save their marriage.

You can get a copy of

Can My Marriage be Saved?: True Stories of Saved Marriages

at Amazon. (5 star average!!)


Facing the Coming Storm

Prior to the election of 2008 I began writing this book that predicted that the economic downturn under President Bush was just the beginning and that the Obama administration would continue many of the same mistakes made by the prior administration, thus lengthening the economic recession.

Huh. Go figure.

The book is no longer in print (topical and timely=short lived) but the speaking engagements and radio interviews were fun, at the time!


Digital Journal

Back before I started working on my Master’s of Fine Arts degree, I was writing for a website called, Digital Journal. It was a fun way to exercise the writing brain, a bit, and I enjoyed it.

I’ve included links to a few of my more interesting DJ pieces: articles that received a fair amount of attention at the time, and I think demonstrate some of where I come from, as a writer.”

David Letterman Building Dedicated At Ball State


I’ll get more samples posted, as time allows. Thanks for reading!

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