I love providing the free content offered at Words Matter. The blog, podcast, and Three Minute Writer videos will always remain free.

But the truth is, it takes many hours a month to provide new content. I spend time reading, preparing, writing, recording, editing, and sending out notices when new content is posted.

Additionally, I have ongoing costs associated with maintaining websites, hosting digital media, publishing, emailing, and so forth.

How Do I Do It?

Keeping the content free is possible because of generous support of readers like you: directly, through donations, and indirectly, whenever you buy a book on Amazon after clicking a link on the blog, podcast, or website, or when you use my Amazon Store to shop. (This partnership with Amazon means they send me a small percentage of the sales price as an advertising fee.) From time to time, I may also provide affiliate links to other products and services, which means I get a “finders fee” as part of your purchase.

You Can Help Support Words Matter

So if you find the content I provide to be helpful, inspiring, or otherwise beneficial to your writing and creative life, please consider a modest donation. I have partnered with PayPal which means that I do not have access to your credit information, and you have protection from one of the leading online payment services.

There are two options: You can become a recurring member, and join the other loyal readers who make this website and the content I produce possible with an automatic monthly donation of your choosing. I have divided the options into five categories:

  • For $4 you can buy me a Mocha at Starbucks, once a month.
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  • And, for $50 a month, you will be recognized as an official sponsor of Words Matter, which includes promotion on both the blog and the website.

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