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More Stories with Eric Sheridan Wyatt is the creative writing podcast with a focus on process, craft, and literature.

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  • atomicLove

    Eric is a voice in the wilderness for hopeless writers like me. His wisdom beckons, his sincerity is inviting and his mission rekindles the dormant creativity in me. Never did I feel deeply gratified discovering his podcasts. True gems, guide on; I’m all ears, dear sir Eric.

    • Eric Sheridan Wyatt

      Thanks so much for this comment. It was very kind and came at a needed time. Please be sure to let me know if there is a topic or area of interest you’d like to hear more about.

  • Loretta Miller

    Call it serendipity, call it what you will…your podcasts that I have JUST happened across have been music to my ears! Keep it coming, Eric…yes, there are people out here listening! Loretta
    (from Metro Detroit)