I don’t have many details yet, and, obviously, the particulars of my involvement with a school, educational facility, or other group will vary depending on your needs, but I am developing a comprehensive “Writer-in-Residence” package for your consideration.

In general terms, as a writer-in-residence I will work with academic institutions in a temporary, contractual agreement which supports and enhances the educational mission of the school or group. Some of the services included in a typical residency agreement include:


  • Supporting and working with full-time faculty and staff to broaden literature-based opportunities for students.
  • Work to identify and develop writing potential among students and staff.
  • Working with classes, small groups, and individuals on creative writing projects.
  • Facilitate lectures, workshops, discussions on aspects of the craft of writing.
  • Public readings, discussions of the writing process.
  • Cummulative projects (anthology, student public reading “recital”, etc)


If you have any questions or additional ideas for a writer-in-residence relationship, I’d love to hear them. Email meand we can chat. I have a background in education (Education degree, licensed teacher, long-time tutor) and a passion for creative writing. I’d love to share that passion with your students.

P.S. This can be a great option for home schooling organizations and private schools, as well as the public schools and other “traditional” educational institutions.