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Linda Gibson Ress is the author of Crying Days.

Linda Gibson Ress is the author of Crying Days.

Linda Gibson Ress holds degrees from Indiana University and Butler University and has studied creative writing in a variety of settings. But nothing prepared her for writing Crying Days as much as the years she spent as an educator and school principal. To her young charges and their often sharply-divided families she was confidante, confessor, counselor and sometimes co-conspirator. The stories she heard behind closed doors were stories of love and hate, sex and incest, suicide and hope. Those stories are written on her heart. But when she writes them on paper, their truths mingle and strain at the edges of time and place until they become fiction. Crying Days is a fiction told with the soul of truth and the voice of reality that can only come from the pages of life’s diary.

Linda Gibson Ress and her husband, Blake, divide time between Indianapolis, Indiana and Anna Maria Island, Florida.

She belongs to Gulf Coast Writers, Space Coast Writers, and Florida Writers organizations.

Crying Days is her first novel.

Mrs. Ress can be contacted via email.

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