In addition to teaching creative writing principles through various classes, lectures, and retreats, I also work one-on-one with a variety of writers and other creatives.

Individual Writing Instruction: Learning Tailored to Your Creative Needs

Working one-on-one is a preferred choice for some writers. Working together we can craft a plan of action specifically designed to meet your writing needs.

Individual writing instruction allows a wide range of options. Sometimes, we’ll work through a formal program designed to increase your ability to utilize the elements of storytelling to the best of your ability. Other times, we may focus on the “feedback and critique” portion of the PRACTICE-FEEDBACK-REFINE cycle of improvement in writing. Or, maybe, you just need some help getting started.

Typically, individual writing instruction involves some combination of readings, writing assignments, and a chance to critique and offer feedback for your work. Individual clients may focus on the process of creativity, the craft of writing, overcoming fears and resistance, maintaining a creative rhythm, or some combination of all of these.

Creativity Coaching

individual writing instruction can help overcome the feeling of being alone in our creative work.
Individual writing instruction and creativity coaching can help overcome the feeling of being alone in our creative work. (Beagles are great company, but they don’t give much in the way of constructive feedback.)

In addition to working one-on-one, I have a creativity coaching and accountability program called WriteCoach365 which is of interest to writers and other creatives who wish to have the ongoing, low-level creative pressure that comes from accountability and community. Creativity coaching helps writers and other creatives  remain active in their creative life.

Creating art of any kind is a solitary endeavor, but to grow and mature in our craft, we require the input, feedback, and encouragement of others. Creativity coaching helps address the issues of creative resistance and maintaining a creative rhythm.

You can learn more about WriteCoach365 here.

If you are interested in pursuing one-on-one instruction, please contact me.

If you are looking for critique and editing feedback, you can learn more about those services here.

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