In this section, you will find links to courses, videos, publications, and other items available to purchase.

The purchase and distribution of online materials is administered in cooperation with PayPal, an international leader in on-line purchases. You do not need a PayPal account to purchase materials, but you will need a credit card. (If you wish to pay with check, please contact me via email.)

The courses, videos, and materials will each have a “landing page” with a description of the product and a “buy now” option. Once you complete the purchase, and follow the on-line registration instructions, the product will be “unlocked” and you will be able to view the purchased materials.

(If you have purchased materials from Words Matter before, or registered as part of one of my instructional classes, and set up a user account, you will be able to log in to that existing account, saving time in the registration process. Your newly purchased courses or materials will be added to your “approved” list for you.)

PLEASE NOTE: Some courses may be “timed” to release a lesson each week or over a number of consecutive days. This will be made clear in the course description, prior to purchase. Once you have purchased a course or other materials, you will have access to that content as long as you maintain your user login. In the event courses are removed from the Words Matter website, for whatever reason, you will be given advanced notice and an opportunity to archive or copy the content for your own, private use. New courses will be added regularly. Please consider subscribing to the email newsletter to keep up with the latest offerings.

Courses and publications are intended for private, individual use, and may not be broadcast, used in a classroom, or otherwise disseminated without written consent. If you wish to use any of the course materials you find here in this way, please contact me via email so we may discuss this.

Please respect copyright and intellectual property laws by not sharing this pay-protected content with others who have not purchased it.