I’ve just published a new podcast episode. You can help support More Stories, my currently dormant podcast.

Here’s The Overview

Between now and March 15, 2017, I am seeking patrons and sponsors for the More Stories creative writing podcast.

I have a minimum of twelve new episodes in the planning stages, but in order to have the time and resources to complete these episodes, I have set a goal of raising $1,200.00 by March 15th.

Each episode of More Stories takes between three and five hours to write, record (and, often, re-record), edit, post, and share. Just purchasing the hosting services to allow for weekly or bi-weekly shows costs around $50.00 per month, which does not factor in web-hosting or my time.

With this new season, my intention is to have audio, video, and full-transcript versions of each episode available so that More Stories fans will have access to the information in a variety of formats.

There are several options for helping support the show.

As a show PATRON you can choose to support More Stories in $12 increments. If you wish to pledge $1, $2, or $5 per show, for example, simply select 1, 2, or 5 units and that will be multiplied by $12 to give you your patronage total.

You may also wish to contribute as a SPONSOR ($240 level) or as a PRODUCER ($350 level). You can check out those details on their respective pages.

****PLEASE NOTE: The patronage pledge is made as a PRE ORDER so that your card will not be charged until enough pledges have come in to make the goal. In other words, if I do not get enough Patron, Sponsor, or Producer pledges to meet the goals I have set, I will not collect money from those of you who have already agreed to donate. If I DO get enough pledges to meet the goal, your card will be charged and I will begin production of the new season of More Stories immediately****

You can listen to the podcast using the podcast player, or you can read a transcript of the audio below.

You Can Support More Stories, The Creative Writing Podcast

Well. Hello there. Remember me?

If you’re listening to these words, it probably means that you have subscribed to this podcast. Maybe you subscribed a long time ago, and forgot that I was even here. Maybe you just recently searched for a creativity or writing-focused podcast and found More Stories and subscribed.

Either way, I’m glad you’re here.

I’m Eric Sheridan Wyatt and I am the writer, producer, and host of the More Stories podcast, a podcast to help you energize, inform, and inspire your creative life.

Whether you are a long-term subscriber or relatively new, you have probably noticed that this podcast has been dormant for about a year and a half.

I could give you a long list of reasons that this has been the case: personal and family reasons, creative reasons, bottom-line business decision reasons. And, all of those reasons would be both true, and each more than sufficient to justify the long silence on my end.

But something strange has been happening.

I’ve been hearing rumblings. I’ve been seeing signs and wonders. I’ve been perceiving a disturbance in the universe…

Ok. Not that dramatic. But I have noticed that More Stories keeps getting noticed, even though it isn’t a podcast with a currently active production schedule.

I’ve Heard Your Feedback

During the year that I was producing More Stories, I struggled to understand if I was connecting with anyone. The reason I started More Stories was to help you, the listener, tell more of your stories—whether fiction or non-fiction—and, to help other creatives get the clarity, support, and perspective you need to invigorate your creative life.

At times, it seemed as if my words were spiraling out into the void, but not landing on any receptive ears.

Like any other online endeavor, there are always “stats” available. The main metrics for a successful podcast include the number of ratings and reviews, the number of downloads, and the engagement of the audience.

So let’s say that during the year the podcast was active—a year in which I produced about 40 new episodes of More Stories—all three metrics (ratings, downloads, and audience engagement) were a little slim. The number of downloads was slowly increasing, and that indicated there was some interest in More Stories. But the ratings, reviews, and engagement with the audience was nearly nil.

And that was a little discouraging.

So when life happened to unfold in unexpected ways, and it became necessary to make some choices of priority and focus, the podcast was one of the things that had to take a back seat.

But here’s the weird thing: in the last few months, even though the podcast has been dormant, and despite no new episodes coming out, I have experienced more downloads, more reader engagement, and more reviews and ratings. So, despite no new activity, no new content, I’ve had renewed interest in this podcast, and requests for more episodes.

Obviously, I’m taking those requests seriously. As my friend lovely Canadian friend Sarah recently told me, if you have people who are finding and engaging with your podcast after a year of not producing it, maybe you should, you know, think about paying attention to that again.

I’ve been considering a new season of More Stories for a while now. I’ve outlined some ideas for topics. I can talk about writing and literature for weeks without tiring of it.

But here’s the thing: I started this podcast, and my business, to help writers, would-be writers, and other creatives tell more of their stories. I want to provide encouragement, knowledge, inspiration…I want the time I spend here to be more than me just talking and hoping something lands somewhere helpful.

Each episode of this podcasts takes about five hours of work to produce. I write the basic text for the episode, practice at least once to be sure I haven’t forgotten anything, set up the recording equipment, record the episode audio, edit out any mistakes or re-takes, put in a bit of music at the start and at the end, export the audio file, upload it to the audio host, make sure there are notes and links, send out an email, and generally make sure I’ve covered all of the podcasting basics.

In addition to the time, there are some minor costs involved: hosting the podcast, website costs, and things of that nature. It’s not exorbitant, but in a year of podcasting, I’ll spend about $500 or so just for basic podcasting services: thankfully, I already own the audio equipment and computer resources necessary to create a podcast of reasonable quality.

The time and resources needed to create a podcast often lead to content creators looking for ways to generate at least enough income to offset expenses and compensate for the amount of time and energy spent in developing content. That’s why you’ll hear podcasts with advertising.

More Stories, though, isn’t the kind of podcast that has enough listeners or mass-market appeal…I’m not likely to attract Casper Mattress or Audible audio books or Blue Apron’s perfectly portioned ingredients to help underwrite my time and expenses. And, honestly, I’d prefer to avoid that “same old same old” advertising feel.

But, the truth is, if I’m going to resurrect More Stories as a podcast, I need to have some support from those of you who listen.

Here’s How You Can Support More Stories

I’ve seen the number of downloads increase, even without new episodes. I’ve received emails asking if I would bring More Stories back. To do that, I need to know there will be people listening.

I’ve outlined a new season of More Stories: 12 new episodes with titles like, Giving Back to Keep Getting, Losing and Regaining Momentum, and Don’t You Dare Start Writing That Novel!.

In order to reach the production stage, I’ve set a listener-supported financial goal of $1,200. If I receive commitments of at least $100 per episode, I will commit to produce a new season of More stories.

If you would like to commit to support More Stories, for as little as $1 per episode, you can do so by visiting MoreStoriesPodcast.com, for more information.

I would only need 100 listeners to help support More Stories by pledging $1 per show, or $12 total.
Only 50 listeners to help at $2 per show.
Only 30 listeners to help at $3…well. You get the idea.

If you’d like to be a sponsor at the producer or sponsor level, there are opportunities for that, as well.

This campaign kicks of on Valentines Day, 2017, and runs through March 15th. Once we raise $1,200.00 I will begin production of the new season. If we raise more that $1,200.00, I will have some surprises for you!

For more details, please visit Morestoriespodcast.com and follow the links to the secure, online support page.

And, before I sign off, for this episode, let me say that if you are looking for some feedback, coaching, editing, or other encouragement as you start a new writing project, or if you’ve been struggling in the murky middle of a long-term project, or maybe you’ve completed a project and want to know what your next steps should be…I’d be happy to help you uncover or reach your full creative potential. If you are local to the Sarasota Florida area, I have some upcoming classes and seminars. If you aren’t local, we can work together one-on-one to explore your creative goals. Stop by the website and contact me. You’ll find more information, show notes, and various other writerly resources at WordsMatterESW.com

I really hope to hear from you. I want this podcast to be helpful to as many people as possible. Your input will definitely help with that. Stay tuned. Spread the word. And let’s move toward a more creative and beautiful world, together.

For now, this is Eric Sheridan Wyatt, saying thank you for listening, and wishing you, Happy Writing!



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