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Season 2: Episode 6

Critique Groups and Writing Workshops

Being connected with a solid critique group or writing workshop is an important aspect of growing and maintaining a prolific writing life. Here are some thoughts on finding the right group for you.



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Podcast S2:E6 Critique Groups and Writing Workshops
  • I am not certain what circuitous route brought me to your podcast, but I just listened to one chosen at random from the list. I enjoyed it for the following reasons: your voice is easy to hear with good inflection but not too dramatic, it was organized – you wasted little time with fluff and hit the highlights important to the subject, It wasn’t too long and it wasn’t too narcissistic. Enjoyed the bits of humor – we all need that. It made sense. I have belonged to a several critique groups and as you mentioned, some are a good fit and some are a waste of time. Going to listen to a couple of more and check out your blog. I will also be intentional about giving a review on stitcher. Thanks for sharing this with other writers.

    • Katherine, thanks so much for the kind words. I do appreciate it.
      As for circuitous routes…It would be interesting to know how you got here, but I understand. The net is cast wide, and there are very few direct paths.
      Let me know if there are any topics or ideas you’d like to hear discussed at some point.