Sometimes, the words take over the story and turn it into something I hadn’t anticipated. And, I’m okay with that.


01:00 February has always been my least favorite month. It’s even cold here in Florida, this week.

02:08 This February hasn’t been so bad this year, for me. More of you are listening and connecting with me. Woohoo!

03:18 Another strange week for me: the second time in a row that I’ve told you that! This week started right on plan, but then something happened to change things. I had a blog post that just grew and grew, well beyond what I had anticipated.

05:25 I did the outline for the post on Monday, by Wednesday, it was clear the amount of writing I was doing was not conducive to having a blog post this week: I was writing way too much.

08:19 I decided to lay that essay aside, and write something else for my blog, because I have self-imposed deadlines, and because I wanted to give the essay time to rest, so I could better assess it later.

09:22 Sometimes the words of my writing take over. Usually this happens for me more in fiction writing than in non-fiction.

11:20 There are a few ways I address this our of control growth, when it happens. 1) Divide it up into independent sections/stories; 2) Write something that doesn’t fit normal “length” conventions.

13:30 I think I’m actually doing the more genuine work of my creative self, when the words surprise me and I haven’t pre-planned every single nuance of a story.

14:40 I do, however, have to guard against following unworthy tangents. Sometimes, the “surprising words” are just a distraction.

15:45 A special public thank you to Pilot Pens and Holly Houser.

17:16 This wraps Season One: if you have ideas for how the podcast can improve, please let me know as I’m contemplating and planning for Season Two, which will debut AFTER the In-Betweener Episode for next week. (I will read my story “Cop-Cop Cop” which was originally published in the magazine, The First Line, in 2010.)

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