Having a routine and schedule is a great way to keep on track, creatively, but what do we do when the routine is disrupted?

Show Notes:

01:10 A little good news: My story, The Outlaw, was selected for an upcoming issue of Silk Road Review.

03:00 However, being published isn’t an aspect of my career I actually have control over, so I don’t consider publication as my measure of success.

04:35 I define success by how well I am keeping up with my macro, and micro, goals for 2015…the things I CAN influence or control.

06:10 Using the app IRUNURUN to keep track of seven area of my weekly routine and keep on top of creative balance and creative rhythm.

08:12 Our best-laid plans and finely-tuned systems sometimes aren’t enough to keep us on track. (For example, there was no podcast last week…) Schedules and routines help, until they are interrupted.

11:20 My schedule was changed last week.

12:00 I had an audio recorder with me, and I started recording some pieces that I thought I could stitch together into a different KIND of podcast last week. Which I started to do.

14:56 I thought I could pull it off…but then more disruption came.

17:00 It turns out I was physically hurt enough that when I tried to record more bits and pieces throughout the day, I had no mental capacity to form coherent thoughts.

18:30 There are times when we can’t do some of the things we want to do, and that’s ok. Sometimes our routine is disrupted in a legitimate way.

20:13 We have to find ways to push through, even when the routine is trashed. Just because the routine is messed up, we shouldn’t just throw in the towel and give up.

21:33 We are often able to talk ourselves into some very silly ideas and behaviors, when it comes to the creative life. I’ve learned this about myself, and because I know this, I can find ways to address it.

23:00 Unplanned for vs. Unanticipated. Planning ahead helps us preserver against interruptions to our normal routine and schedule.

24:55 Because I’ve thought about it in advance, I have methods to still accomplish things even when I’m not in my normal schedule. You can, too.

27:44 We do not require perfect circumstances to do our creative work. Believing that is just a form of resistance.



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Podcast Episode 23: ACK! What Happened to Last Week?