Episode 19: Finding Quality Writing Instruction

(This episode features the dulcet tones of a snoring beagle…)


In this episode I look at various options and opportunities for direct instruction of creative writing.


00:38 Welcome, Happy New Year, How’s it going with you? (Resolutions suck)

02:38 Many listeners may find themselves looking for quality writing instruction and facing doubt about our writing abilities.

04:00 Indirect vs. Direct instruction

04:37 Can writing (or any other art) actually be TAUGHT?

05:30 Do you know a single major league baseball player who never had a parent or coach teach them the fundamentals?

06:42 Direct instruction of writing leads to improvement. (Including the golf analogy…) Instruction is breaking the elements down so they can be examined and applied.

08:28 The importance of outside feedback to the writer, accountability, and wisdom outside oneself.

09:28 Who can benefit from direct creative writing instruction?

10:07 Anyone who feels overwhelmed by all the books and articles and websites. Anyone who becomes stalled and could benefit from “another set of eyes”.

11:30 Direct instruction helps bridge the gap between what the writer intends, and what is actually on the page.

12:55 Option One: The degreed program. Masters of Fine Arts or an undergrad writing degree.

15:45 Option Two: Adult education or continuing ed.

19:33 Option Three: Online writing classes.

22:04 Option Four: One-on-one instruction

23:10 Option Five: Writer’s conferences or retreats.

24:20 Seven things to look for in a creative writing instructor: knowledgeable and able to communicate their wisdom, offer advice but not in an overbearing way that overshadows your creativity, recognizes writing as a process not a formula, values YOU as a writer, is a Goldilocks teacher (not too hard, not too soft), wants to see YOU succeed and won’t be jealous of your progress, doesn’t allow the inmates to run the asylum.

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Podcast Episode 19: Finding Quality Writing Instruction
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