Show Notes:

In this episode, I contemplate wishes, and how our desires for something can be either detrimental, or harnessed into positive action.

00:30 Welcome, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

01:25 This is a season that has always had a special significance for me: as a time of reflection and quiet.

02:25 Even when I was young, Christmas-related anxiousness gave way to quiet anticipation, stillness, and peace.

04:13 If something seemingly insignificant about your life has stuck with you for years and years, you should write about it. It has remained in your thoughts for some reason.

04:55 I considered not posting a podcast this week, but then decided to post, anyway, because you can listen to this whenever YOU are ready.

05:35 Today’s topic: Wishes. We hear a lot about wishes this time of year, both forward-looking wishes, and wishes of regret.

06:49 Most of us expend a lot of energy “wishing”. I’m no different.

09:24 I spend some time thinking about what went wrong, but only enough time to learn something from failures, then move on. I move on, because there is plenty to be thankful for, and much more to do.

12:20 The useful WISH is the wish that looks forward, not backward. But for a wish to be more than just a “hope”, it has to be more than just a wish.

13:04 Instead of thinking of goals and planning and such, perhaps you’d be more comfortable thinking of developing a creative wish list.

14:18 Often, when we “wish” all we are doing is stating a preference…an ungrounded wish. This is a dangerous kind of wish.

14:56 Grounded wishes will produce at lest SOME results.

15:24 First, actually WRITE DOWN your creative wish list.

16:29 Second, you have to write down at least ONE concrete, active way you can inch closer to realizing that wish.

17:40 Then, keep the wish list where you will see it, often. Remind yourself of your wishes, and ask, “What one simple thing can I do today, to have that wish fulfilled.” Progress builds momentum. Momentum leads to consistency. Consistency leads to completion.

18:46 Thank you. Check the links below. Contact me. Rate and review if you can. Subscribe. Tell others.

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Podcast Episode 17: A Christmas Wish for Your Christmas List