Show Notes:

In this episode I look at two contradictions which are equally true: It is good to have a sacred, set-aside place to pursue your creative work, and it is also good to force yourself into a change of scenery, especially if you are blocked or stymied.

00:38 Intro

02:00 Planning, thinking, or talking about a book does not make a book. Writing does.

03:15 Goal setting and prioritizing in order to keep creative endeavors on task.

04:55 If you don’t have deadlines (from an editor/agent or in a class) you have to find a way to impose self-accountability.

05:45 My procrastination manifests as “doing some other work” besides the hard thing or the difficult thing to write. (Includes a “throw back Thursday” to my college days…)

07:15 I don’t have external pressure, or imposed deadlines, for most of the creative work I most want to do.

07:45 Goal setting, and writing down specific, measurable expectations, is a way to have some accountability. I’m self-imposing deadlines, so another year doesn’t slip by.

08:55 Evaluating what went wrong last year is important.

09:50 Today’s topic is: A Change of Scenery

10:15 Two contradictory pieces of advice: 1) Have a set-aside space where you go to write, and 2) a change of scenery can be important to your creative vision.

10:30 The “sacred space” concept of writing is very beneficial. This is where you go so the Muse knows where to find you. (Including different concepts of “sacred space”.)

14:20 The sacred space isn’t the ONLY place to write, but ritualizing and normalizing our writing habits have positive benefits.

15:27 There is also great benefit of mixing things up: somewhere public, somewhere new, take a retreat, apply for a writing residency, or be willing to write while on vacation.

18:26 Being in a new place allows us to see with new eyes.

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Podcast Episode 16: A Change of Scenery