Encouraging each other in our creative pursuits is easy in this digital age. Maybe it’s too easy?

In this episode of the podcast, I talk about some very encouraging things that have happened to me, lately, and suggest that we all take some extra time to reach out with a kind word or two to anyone who inspires, enlightens, or entertains us.

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Varidesk adjustable height desk.

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Show Notes:

00:36 Welcome and back to the regular podcast schedule. The benefits of planned rest.

04:00 The Varidesk standing desk (variable height desk) is one of my favorite equipment purchases of the last several years.

Check the link for more info.

07:00 Congrats to Shawn Smucker for meeting all of his stretch goals for his new book, The Day the Angels Fell. See episode 11 for more information.

09:00 Supporting writers and other creatives that add value to our lives: It is more than just monetary.

12:10 SpeakPipe messages encourage me. Hear is one from Juan Antonio in Bogota, Columbia who found value for his other pursuits in trying his hand at creative writing.

15:00 Creating things outside of our main creative field is a great way to improve all of our creative endeavors.

17:33 Juan Antonio’s message came at a time I was feeling really down about the blog. It was a big encouragement.

21:25 More encouragement: well-received “special episode” of the podcast, an encouraging rejection from the Missouri Review, and an incredible compliment from a student.

25:45 Please compliment and encourage those people who are meaningful to you, and whose work you want to reward: share, link, “like”, comment, email, leave a message. Ask a question, give a suggestion. We have tools at our finger tips to encourage and uplift others. We should use them.

28:40 A seven day challenge for YOU!

29:30 Next week is all new with “Poetry for Non-Poets”.

Podcast Episode 13: Phone, Tweet, or Share a Friend
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