I am, in fact, taking a little pod-casting break this week. So this is not a normal episode of the podcast. I thought though, rather than be completely off the radar, I would present to you one of my original stories, a piece of short fiction called, “Things He Wasn’t Supposed to Do.”

It was originally published in 1995, and recently collected in a short-fiction collection I called Five Stories…which is NOT a very original title, but it seemed to fit, since it was a collection of the first five stories I wrote that were published. If you’d like a copy of the book, you can find more information below, including the page for the book here on my website where I have some short videos where I talk about the genesis of each story and a brief excerpt from each, as well as links to BUY the book.

And, if you’d like a FREE pdf copy of the book, all five stories, to read, you can (as of this recording) sign up for my email newsletter or my blog and get a link to a free digital copy of the book.

The story takes about 40 minutes for me to read to you. I will be back with a normal podcast next week, episode 13.



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Podcast In-Betweener: Things He Wasn’t Supposed to Do