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Good fiction is influenced by non-fiction; Good non-fiction is informed by fictional techniques. And both should tell the truth.

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Show Notes for Episode 12:

00:36 Welcome! and thanks for the QUADRUPLING of listeners in October compared to September.

02:20 How are YOU getting value from the show? Please let me know how I can improve, and what has already been helpful.

03:56 Diversifying versus specializing content on my blog, podcast, and in other ways. Pros and Cons.

07:52 Fiction writing, and how to use real life situations to inform our fiction.

11:20 Three areas of caution to ensure “real life” doesn’t dictate the rules of my fictional world: Dialogue, plot, and what’s at stake.

15:19 Utilizing techniques and basic elements of FICTION when writing NON-fiction.

17:39 Warnings when using fictional techniques in non-fiction, including plot, character, dialogue, setting, and significant detail.

21:30 The purpose of fiction OR non-fiction is to tell the truth. Both should point us to something outside of our own experiences and understanding.

Podcast Episode 12: Facts, Fiction, and the Truth