Episode 11: Fallen Angels, Runaway Truck Ramps, and Kickstarter Campaigns

Author Shawn Smucker joins me on the podcast to talk about the creative process, the differences between writing fiction and writing non-fiction, being rejected by agents and editors, and utilizing crowd-funding options to finance our creative work. It was a great conversation with a number of insightful moments, and I am grateful to Shawn for spending some time with me.

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Be sure to checkout Shawn Smucker's Kickstarter campaign for his new book, The Day the Angels Fell.
Be sure to checkout Shawn Smucker’s Kickstarter campaign for his new book, The Day the Angels Fell.

Show Notes

00:35 Intro to the episode

02:08 Start of the Interview, intro to Shawn Smucker

04:10 A little about two memoir, non-fiction books Shawn wrote about his life: Building a Life Out of Words, and Using a Runaway Truck Ramp.

05:52 How does tension and transition in life inform Shawn’s creativity and writing life?

08:30 Finding time (and energy) for personal creative work when you spend so much time writing for others.

11:20 Writing in chunks vs. writing slow and steady.

13:40 Differences between the writing of fiction vs. writing non-fiction.

14:45 Revision and editing of fiction, and learning to enjoy the process.

18:00 With fiction…heavy outliner or “let the story go where it takes you”?

19:27 Revision of this book, knowing it would be published via a Kickstarter campaign.

20:30 Writing for self, rather than others, and dealing with the rejection of people who won’t like the book.

22:53 Shawn turns the interview on me, and makes me answer deep, philosophical questions about my writing process. (ha!)

24:14 About the new, fiction book, The Day the Angels Fell

26:05 More about the creating of the book, final editing, etc.

27:15 The decision to submit to agents (based on feedback from well-published authors, etc) and then the silence of rejection leads to decision to self-publish and 100 pre-orders, to-date.

30:25 Platform, loyal readers, and blogging/writing in a way to provide value to readers.

32:24 Kickstarter “stretch goals” can help get some illustrations, an audio book, and (maybe even) a book tour.

35:30 (Aside, the real reason why authors don’t read their own work on audio books…)

37:30 Ways to find Shawn online. (see below)

39:20 Thank you for listening, please share the podcast, leave a review or subscribe (it really helps!)

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Podcast Episode 11: Fallen Angels, Runaway Truck Ramps, and Kickstarter Campaigns!