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In episode ten, I talk about two fears that can cripple the writer or other creative: the fear of failure, and the fear of success.

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Show Notes:

01:17 What does it mean to me to “help you take your writing to the next level”?

02:50 The “next level” is the next step to becoming a better, more authentic version of myself.

05:00 Two ways fear can be beneficial: it can alert us to danger, it can help us understand we are working on legitimately valuable things.

06:15 Five negative consequences of fear that we don’t confront: it causes us to act in negative ways, it can cause us to perform below our optimum level, fear fuels the engine of resistance, it limits our willingness to interact with others, and it magnifies the perceived consequences of even the smallest failure.

07:58 The Fear of Failure

11:26 Four ways to address the fear of failure, and failure itself, to make both less of a roadblock.

14:28 The Fear of Success

20:45 Some words of encouragement: The cost of not following your artistic impulse, the cost of not pursuing the next level for yourself and your creative work, is too high to allow the fear to win. Begin, even today, to find ways to make fear your fuel, rather than the thing that holds you back.

21:47 Share, comment, provide feedback: it helps others find the podcast (and blog) and also helps me know where I am being successful, and where I’m missing the boat.

And, don’t miss a brief preview of episode eleven…an interview with Shawn Smucker in which we will discuss the differences between writing fiction and non-fiction, using crowd-funding to finance a book project, and choosing to self-publish. I hope you tune in.


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Podcast Episode 10: Paralyzed by Fear