Why are writing prompts so widely used in writing instruction, and are they really helpful? I say, yes, to both, and here’s why…

Episode nine of the More Stories creative writing podcast is now available.

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Show Notes

00:36 Welcome!

01:05 A confession

03:34 Dose my online content (podcast, blog, video) address YOUR needs?

04:35 Your input is valued, and I hope you’ll take a few minutes to let me know what you’d like to hear more of.

06:02 Intro to the topic of the day: Using writing prompts and exercises.

07:15 Why are prompts so widely used in writing instruction? 

07:21 Prompts are a starting point.

08:24 Prompts provide a point of immediate comparison.

09:26 Prompts can create creative momentum.

10:14 Are prompts actually helpful?

10:38 Writing exercises help us stretch.

11:15 Prompts and exercises help us see our work with new eyes.

12:02 They can help bring a sense of play back into our creative lives.

12:45 Prompts can break free something we didn’t even know existed.

13:57 HERE IS YOUR PROMPT: He saw her, before she saw him.

14:42 Thank you, share, leave feedback, and a brief preview of the next podcast.



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