I was recently asked to describe my annual process of submitting to literary magazines, and the same person suggested I devote an episode of the podcast to that topic.

So I did.

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Episode 8: Fall Into Submissions

In five steps, I break down the essential elements of a submission plan, and talk, just a little, about HOW the process plays out in my own writing world.


00:54 I am so thankful that we have had, in one day, more listeners of the podcast than listened in the first five weeks of the podcast, combined. THANKS!!

01:56 More Stories the creative writing podcast is now available in Stitcher, on various Windows Phone apps, and the new native Windows Phone app, as well as on iTunes.

03:44 Intro to the content of the episode: How I attack my annual submissions of short stories to literary magazines.

05:34 Step One: Have a Plan. A plan is not a vague notion of what you HOPE the end result will be. The plan should be intentional, reasonable, and written down.

09:35 Step Two: Identify the appropriate, potential markets for your work. Base your list of desired publications on criteria that meet your desired publication perimeters.

15:16 Step Three: Prioritize and stratify your potential markets, and submit from the top (most desired publication) down (less desired publication). I rank my tiers by these ideas: how strongly do I desire to see my name (and my work) published in that magazine, how often do writers whose work has appeared there go on to win awards or other honors, how well-respected is the publication in literary circles, and how esthetically pleasing is the magazine. Your method of ranking is likely to be different than mine.

18:28 Step Four: Finding markets, preparing the manuscript, sending submissions, and keeping track of submissions, acceptances, and rejections all take time. You have to set aside the time to actually do the work of submission. Developing a workflow will help you avoid common mistakes, like sending the wrong file or not meeting guidelines of individual markets.

21:45 Step Five: Send the stories, then get back to writing.

23:31 Thanks, leave feedback (PLEASE!). Let me know if anything was confusing or you’d like to hear more detail about. Or, give me some tips about how YOU tackle the submission process.



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Podcast Episode 8: Fall Into Submissions