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http://www.jenniejarvis.com – Jennie’s Website

http://jarviswrites.wix.com/jenniejarvis#!projects/cm8a – More info about her book, and order link.

http://www.beatingwindward.com – Publisher of Jennie’s book.


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Show Details

When Jennie Jarvis and I spoke in episode six about conferences, I also interviewed her about a book she had written for Beating Windward Press. The book is called Crafting the Character Arc: A practical guide to character creation and development.

In this episode, Jennie and I talk about about her book, what makes it different from other books on character development for writers, and what unique perspective she brings to the idea of improving our fictional characters.

We also delve into the general state of publishing, why properly developed characters can give you and edge, and how the process of proposing and writing a non-fiction, craft-related book is different from other kinds of publishing.

00:36 Welcome and Thanks

02:52 Intro To Jennie Jarvis

03:25 Beginning of Interview, focus on Crafting the Character Arc: A Practical Guide to Character Development

03:58 Who the heck are ya, Jennie?

06:15 Applying the “Major Dramatic Curve” to all sorts of writing.

07:52 What’s different about this book, compared to other craft books focused on character?

09:12 Structure, and how some elements of structure can be beneficial to prose.

12:09 Readers live in an increasingly visual world, and that effects our writing.

14:10 Process of writing and submitting a craft, non-fiction book, and how it might differ from a fiction book.

15:57 The non-fiction proposal.

18:33 How specific the proposal has to be.

21:55 How to contact Jennie and buy the book.

23:45 Thank yous, links, subscribe and give feedback (please).

Podcast Episode 7: This One Character I Know