It’s time for episode six of the podcast. In this episode I interview Jennie Jarvis who is serving as the faculty chairperson for the annual conference of the Florida Writers Association.

Jennie and I talk about writers conferences in general, and specifically about the upcoming conference in Orlando, October 23-26, 2014.

Interested in knowing more about the conference scene? Just push play…

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Show Notes

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Hosted by Eric Sheridan Wyatt

Episode 6: Conquering the Conference with Confidence



Jennie Jarvis

Twitter and Facebook: @jarviswrites


5Writers Blog


Florida Writers Association


FWA Annual Conference


Find What You Want To Hear

0:55 Introduction to interview guest, Jennie Jarvis

1:40 Overview of topics regarding attending a writer’s conference

2:20 Interview begins

2:50 Overview of Florida Writer’s Association and the annual conference

5:20 Who benefits from attending a conference like this?

11:56 What should someone NEW to conferences expect their experience to be like?

13:12 “Conferencing 101” is to help new attendees

15:10 “Networking 101” helps explain what networking really is

16:20 Don’t oversell yourself: you aren’t a used car salesman

20:42 What is different about THIS conference? Info about the Florida Writers Association

24:38 Jennie Jarvis’ contact information (see the notes below)

25:38 My tips for attending conferences, residencies, meet-ups, etc (general)

26:00 #1 Plan Ahead

27:50 #2 Attitude is Key

29:10 #3 Go with a veteran, meet-up with a friend, or make one quickly

29:40 #4 The Content Mind, and the Contacts Mind

30:42 #5 Reflect (during and after the conference)

31:40 Thanks to Jennie Jarvis, upcoming

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Podcast Episode 6: Conquering the Conference with Confidence