I’ve titled the latest episode of the podcast, Writers Are Just Better People. Take a listen to see why:

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I was inspired by an article a fellow writer friend, Jenny Jarvis, posted to Facebook. The article talks about the benefits that writers get from writing, and it caused me to think about my own work, and some of the things that hinder me from enjoying those benefits.

Show Notes:

00:00 – 01:30 Introduction to the episode

01:30 – I explain the reasons I don’t (typically) talk about a work in progress

07:00 – I then share about a work in progress, thus breaking the rule I’ve just explained. But, I do so for a reason. And that reason is YOU, dear listener.

08:50 – A reading from the book-in-progress, tentatively titled, The Letter My Father Left Me.

11:40 – There are parts of that reading that overlap my “real life” experience and my belief that writing matters, and that it has positive, transformative benefits to those of us who write.

16:40 – There is some indication that there is measurable, scientific evidence that writing provides benefits not just to the mind, but also to the body and spirit.

21:00 – Sometimes we get to the place where we don’t write “the hard thing” out of fear that doing so will be damaging, but the opposite is true.

23:20 – A challenge: What in your creative life is causing you to be reluctant to move forward?

The article I quote from is called, Science Shows Something Surprising About People Who Love to Write, by Rachel Grate.

Thanks so much for listening. Happy writing!!


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Podcast Episode 5: Writers Are Just Better People