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Intro babbling 00:00 through 02:00

02:04  discussion of music and the impact it has on writing, including mentions of James Taylor, Wally Lamb, and Over the Rhine. My story, “You’ll Never Restrain the Longing” was re-titled, “It’s Never Quite What it Seems” and my novel-in-progress was renamed from “Of Strawberries and Salvation” to “I Should Love You Less,” both of which are inspired by words in Over the Rhine songs. I also briefly talk about using music as a sort of soundtrack during my editing process.

09:01 you can leave a message for me on the website via the “Leave Message” button on the right, and when you do, I can use the message for topics on the podcast.

10:30 Leah from Sarasota left a message about deadlines and a lack of enthusiasm for writing, and she won a special prize. (Hint: It is all about resistance!)

12:30 I was a little taken aback by Leah’s comments, because they indicated that she got something different from a blog post than what I had meant for it to convey. This can be a bad thing, in many instances: when a reader doesn’t understand or comprehend what it was we were trying to say. In this case, it worked out that Leah heard something different than what I intended.

17:00 Writing is a solitary act, benefited by community and creative support. Sharing both our failures and our accomplishments can help encourage other writers and creatives.

20:00 Even the best writers sometimes wonder if the next word will ever come, but it is only a temporary state, if we don’t allow ourselves to be too comfortable in our waning enthusiasm.

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Video for Over the Rhine, It’s Never Quite What it Seems:

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Podcast Episode 4: You’ve Got a Friend