In this newest video, I take a look at the second story in my collection of short fiction, Five Stories by Eric Sheridan Wyatt.

This story is called, Cop-Cop Cop, and it is a little different because I was bound to use the first line supplied by the editors of the literary magazine, The First Line, which is where Cop-Cop Cop was originally published.

It’s a fun story, and it still makes me laugh. I’ll take that as a good sign.

You can learn more about it, and hear me read an excerpt in the video below.

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Be sure to check out the Five Stories page, if you would like more information on the book. (Subscribers to either my email Newsletter or the email blog subscription list have access to a free, electronic copy of Five Stories for reading on your computer or tablet device. If you are a subscriber and have not received info on how to get your copy, please contact me. If you aren’t a subscriber…why not?!?!)

Reviews of the book, or sharing these videos or blog posts would be very helpful. Oh, and if you liked this video, and haven’t seen the first one, featuring the story, Things He Wasn’t Supposed to Do, you can find that here.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Happy writing.

Behind the Scenes: Cop-Cop Cop
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