I recently recorded a series of videos in which I discuss each of the stories in my collection of short fiction, Five Stories by Eric Sheridan Wyatt. In each video, I discuss a little about how the story was inspired, some of the hurdles I had to overcome in writing the story, and a lesson or two I learned from writing that story.

The first of those videos is here: Things He Wasn’t Supposed to Do, via YouTube.

If you are reading this blog post in email, and cannot see the video, click here. I hope you enjoy!

For more information about this book, you can visit this page: Five Stories.

In this video, I discussed a little about the discovery that my writing is very-much character centered. Do you find it easier to write about the characters in your story (whether it is fiction or non-fiction) or do you find you are more drawn to the plot and the events of the story?

Behind the Scenes: Things He Wasn’t Supposed to Do