For me, the first step in making a new place home is to move my books. But I'm not always sure what to do with them...
For me, the first step in making a new place home is to move my books. But I’m not always sure what to do with them…

When moving locally, what is the first thing I re-locate?

My books, of course!

The new house is filled with fiction and poetry, non-fiction and theology, history and biography. Cook books. Literary Magazines. It feels, already, like home.

And, I also moved those darn pocket-sized editions that I’m never quite sure of.

Size Matters

A vast majority of my books are hardback or trade paperback sized. Those seem to play nicely on the book shelves. They look pretty good together.

But I do have a few dozen of the smaller, mass-market books, and they aren’t just genre, “beach read” kinds of books. Kafka. Machiavelli. Hersey. Wiesel. Mary Shelley. Dickens. Conrad. Tolkein  and C.S. Lewis.

Heck, the copy of Les Miserables I have is a mass-market edition, though I’ve never owned pants, a jacket, or any other clothing item into which THAT book would fit into a pocket.

(Now that I start to list them, I realize there are more than first thought.)

The Conundrum

But here’s the thing: I can never decide what to DO with those smaller-sized books on the shelf.

Sometimes I segregate them to their own shelf, lay them flat, and stack them. Sometimes I put them in the alphabetical location they should be in, and try to ignore the visual cacophony they create on the shelves. I even (I will admit publicly, for the first time) once put them all in a closet, in a box, so I wouldn’t have to make the decision, at all!

Both methods of including them have their benefits, and draw backs. And right now, I’m wavering.

So, I’ll ask you, dear reader, how do YOU deal with this issue? Do you file the smaller books alongside the bigger ones? Or, do you only display your hardback books? Or, do you think I’m a little nuts for even considering such issues worthy of discussion? Enquiring minds, and the comments section, want to know!!

The Age-Old Conundrum: What to do with Pocket Books. (Or, Size Matters)
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