This is a very brief post, but it was something on my mind, and I thought (perhaps) it would be of interest to you.

I am in the midst of moving. Not a long-distance move, like ones in the past. In fact this one is about 1,099 miles shorter than the three cross-country moves: almost exactly one mile.

Moving can be a big distraction for me. What are some of yours?
Moving can be a big distraction for me. What are some of yours?

Changes Come

Whether the move is one mile, or eleven hundred, change is always a factor in maintaining balance. My time to write will be effected by the packing and unpacking, moving and situating, painting and adjusting, cussing and carrying on. (Hopefully, not to much of that!)

And, even when I’m not facing a BIG change, there are always little changes and interruptions with the potential to derail my work. Sometimes, the work itself is a distraction: I can easily be distracted from one writing project by focusing on another one. (And sometimes, I’m not sure HOW to choose!)

Is Change Good, Though?

Here’s the thing: I find changes—big and small—to be very important to my creative process. Yes, I am a proponent of structure, rhythm, and INTENTIONAL effort, but I also think adding new elements into the creative flow can help unblock things. I’ve felt this way for a long time.

Now, though, I’ve started to wonder about the big changes, the chaos events. Is it possible that having something BIG looming over me and threatening my writing time is actually a motivator that leads to MORE writing time?

It seems that way. On the days when I have no other “on the calendar” commitments, and I could, theoretically, write from sun up to sun down, it seems I rarely write much at all. But on those days (or weeks) where I KNOW I have other things that need to be attended to, I am also aware that I have to protect some time for writing, and those times I seem to end up actually sticking to the schedule.

It is as if I can compensate for the bigger distractors, the OBVIOUS points of resistance, but I have a hard time overcoming the little forms of procrastination.

What about you? How do you handle bigger events, when it comes to sustained creativity?

When is it Harder to Find Balance?
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