I’m not sure if you noticed: What you, my readers/clients/students/friends/fellow writers say to me is important.

Just in the last two weeks I have used your words to inspire blog and video posts, when I contemplated whether or not I’ve been shortchanging theme in my writing instruction, and also, when I did a follow up video about balance and the creative life. (That discussion seems even more appropriate after the recent death of actor-comidian, Robin Williams.)

Each of those posts were a response to something said, in conversation, that made me think.

This sort of mental stimulus is great. I love getting feedback that allows me to assess, re-think, and re-tool what I am saying and doing.

More Stories, the creative writing podcast, will be available soon.
More Stories, the creative writing podcast, will be available soon.

What Does This Have to do With a Podcast?

Next Thursday, August 21, 2014, I will present to you, my blog readers, friends, and fellow writers, my newest endeavor: The More Stories podcast.

This is part of my ongoing transformation and growth, as I attempt to reach new writers. Some people read blogs, some only read their email. Others watch videos. Still others may find me via the new podcast.

But all of these efforts have one thing in common: They have the most impact when they start conversations and get people talking, not only to me, but also to each other.

Whenever I have a chance to, I like to introduce writers from different areas of my life to each other, and hope that this new mix of people will generate new ideas, new voices, and new momentum.

That is exactly what I hope will happen with the convergence of the blog, videos, and podcast.

But this will only happen with your help.

How Can You Help? I’m Glad You Asked…

  • Keep your questions and comments coming to me via email, or ask me something when we meet. This is always great. I’ve taught enough classes, now, that hardly a day goes by when I don’t hear from someone with a question or thought or just offering a word of encouragement. It’s great to have other writers to interact with. In fact, I highly recommend it, for you, which is why I also suggest you…
  • Post comments and questions to my website. If you read the blog via email, and it causes you to think/feel/doubt/celebrate/shake your head, then let me know. If you click on the link to the particular blog post that gave you a reaction, it will take you right to the correct post on the website, and the comments section is just WAITING for you. This is great for me, of course, because having reader responses helps me know I’m not just writing these words for no reason at all, but I sincerely believe sharing, asking, and discussing things with other writers is a BIG benefit to you, as well. And a conversation can’t start without one person speaking up. Which is why I would also love it if you…
  • Take advantage of the “Leave a Voicemail” button that hovers on the right-hand side of my website. This button allows you to use your computer or tablet to send me a voice message. (As long as you have a microphone, which most computers do.) Why a voice message? Well, because I hope to use some of those messages in the podcast, as conversation starters. I believe that a casual listener will respond well to hearing someone else’s voice. (Otherwise, they may just assume I’m making up the question from, “Barry O. in Washington DC who asks, ‘How does one find a good ghost writer to…uh…write, once, you know, I’m no longer President. Er. Of the PTA.”)

Using the voicemail option is really easy. Once you press the “Leave Voicemail” button, a pop-up screen will appear with a BIG GREEN BUTTON.

Press the button. You may be asked to “allow” your microphone to record. Then, the program automatically records what you are saying (up to 90 seconds) and then gives you a chance to listen to the message. Once you have said what you want to say, you approve it, and the message is sent to me. I get notice and can hear your question or comment. Even BETTER, I can use the audio of your question in my podcast as a conversation starter. That’s great, don’t you think?

A Couple Tips

If you do send me a message or comment, here are a couple of tips:

  • Please identify yourself. I prefer a first name and location, just because I think it helps other listeners feel they know you a little. You can make up a name, I suppose. So if you’ve ever wanted to be called Roberto, now’s your chance. You can keep it simple: “Hey Eric, this is Julie from Kokomo…”
  • If you have a blog or other point of contact, and you would LIKE other people to be able to find you, you can (and should) give a BRIEF shout-out to your own site: “…and I blog at ‘shy writer DOT com’…”
  • Then, just ask your question or make a comment: “…I heard the podcast about creative rhythm and wanted to disagree with one thing you said…”
  • Finally, add details and end with a question: “…you said the sky was blue, but you’ve obviously never been to Kokomo in the winter, when the sky is the color of week-old oatmeal. Can you tell us some more about this BLUE sky you spoke of? Is it real?”

You get the picture.

I hope you’ll find the voicemail option to be a useful way for us to start conversations. Any questions or comments submitted may be used in either the blog, the podcast, or as material for a video in the Three Minute Writer video series. Please let me know if you have any trouble using the feature. I look forward to hearing from you.

Can We Have a Conversation?
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