ClassBPicSome of the blog posts I wrote about my Master of Fine Arts (MFA) experience at Queens University of Charlotte have been among those most talked about. Several times a year, for the last few years, I have received long emails from someone who has stumbled across my blog while in the process of considering pursuing an MFA, and it has been fun to correspond with them.

Am I glad I got MY MFA? Yep.

Do I think an MFA is for everyone? Nope.

That’s pretty much the gist of it.
But, if you are interested in reading a bit more detail than the “Yep, Nope” kind of answer, these blog posts may be of interest to you.


If you have read these posts and found any of them useful, or if you have another perspective regarding the MFA process, please feel free to chime in, below. It is a topic I’m always interested in discussing…

What’s The Deal With an MFA?
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