I plan to use Friday for Literature-related posts, mostly, but there were two things I wanted to say today…and I get to make the rules, right?


Words Matter

I know, I know. You GET it. That’s why you read this blog and why you have an interest in creative writing or other creative endeavors.

But it hit home with me today. I was texting about some business goings on in Wyatt-ville, and the person I was texting suggested I call a third party in the conversation in order to make things happen quicker.

I responded: “I’ve found if I send an email, rather than call, it is more likely for that person to answer the question I’m ACTUALLY asking, rather than the one she THINKS I’m asking.”

That’s just it. I’ve realized: One of the reasons I shy away from phone conversations (and anyone who knows me, realizes how little I enjoy calling to do business or otherwise communicate over the phone) is because when I am separated from someone by distance and a magic talky box in my hands, I feel like I am much less likely to be HEARD.

People hear other things than what I am asking, or don’t understand the point I’m making. This is, likely, some deficiency in me. But it is one I know I have. So I prefer the written text of an email, when I have a series of five inter-twinned questions to ask.

When we are making changes or trying something new, we are bound to make mistakes...
When we are making changes or trying something new, we are bound to make mistakes…


Also, there is this: I made a boo-boo.

When I moved my blog here to my own website (and redesigned the whole site, too) I made a mistake which cost me some followers. I didn’t re-direct things from my old site to this site properly, so if someone had an old blog post link saved and tried to follow it, it lead to a dead-end.

This was also a problem because in the old blog posts (the ones I wanted to re-feature in the next two weeks) all of the internal links were…dead ends.

I THINK I have that all figured out, but to do so MAY mean some links from emails and Facebook shares and such that I sent out the last two weeks may be invalid.


I picked the lesser of two evils. I think the site is better for it. The internal links should be working well again.

What do you think? Have you found errors or pages that don’t work right or anything that doesn’t seem quite kosher about the new website? I’d love your input, below…

Quick Hit Friday
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