A long weekend followed by a productive Tuesday and BOOM…here it is, already the 5th of September and I haven’t posted my monthly recap of the books I read for August.

Without further ado (which is a phrase full of its own ado) here’s last months list:

  • Veronica, by Mary Gaitskill – A story of friendship between an aging, former model and an HIV+ office worker, told in that prose-morphs-to-poetry way that Gaitskill is so good at. This is a complex read, and in places I found it dragging a bit, but there is much here to admire about the way Gaitskill uses the language to tell her stories.
  • The Last Superstition, by Edward Fesser – The subtitle, A Refutation of the New Atheism, sums up the book well, though Fesser’s agitative style often overshadows the argument he is putting forth.
  • In the Middle of All This, by Fred Leebron – This novel contemplates one sibling’s response to his sister’s losing battle with cancer. Both heartfelt and funny.
  • The Goodbye Child, by Dominique Traverse Locke – A lovely poetry chapbook. Keep your eyes open for more about this book, and the author.
  • Writing About Your Life, by William Zinsser – Wonderful book, even if you aren’t considering writing a memoir or personal history. Zinsser is a fabulous writer, and the sections of this book demonstrate that brilliantly.
  • The Insanity Defense, by Woody Allen – The collected prose of Woody Allen is worth a read, though I suggest planning to read it in small chunks. Too much at once can become a little tedious.
  • Gulf Coast Literary Journal, Summer/Fall 2012, by various writers – 200+ pages of new fiction and poetry.

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Sept. 5th Already? (The August Reading List)
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