I recently began offering my services as an independent writing instructor in the Bradenton and Sarasota (Florida) area. (Though, I could easily be convinced to do the same thing via Skype or other on-line venue.)

Anyway, I posted my information on Thumbtack, an online portal for finding reliable, trustworthy local services.

You can see my ad, here.

If you are a regular reader of Stories I Read, Stories I Tell, and you have found my blog helpful, inspirational, or otherwise beneficial to your own writing, I would be honored if you would post a brief word of praise in the “testimonial” section of that ad. The more testimonials I have, the more likely I will be to connect with local writers who are looking for some help in taking their writing to the next level.

Thanks so much!

Tuesday Night: Quick Request
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  • please take my writing to the next level.

    • Jesco/Jason,
      Are you here in the Bradenton area?

      • nope. in baltimore maryland. just finished a novelette though…

        • Oh yeah? What’s your writing background? Writing for class/degree program, etc? Or on your own?

          • Just finishing my four year BS in writing. I begin my masters in may. I don’t have much background though, because I’ve been in the army for 6 years before going to school. I have fallen in love with literature. Now I only want to write and its been this way for three years.

          • That’s an awesome path into a writing life. Nothing wrong with it. Where are you going for the Masters? Is it an MFA or a Masters in Lit or…?

          • go straight to the source if your interested. My blog has everything I’ve written for myself.