I found this little darling while wandering the aisles of a flea market in Indiana a few years ago. I knew, at first glance, this is the sort of thing that could inspire some future Stephen King, but looking at it again, I think there are other ways a writer could go, using this doll as inspiration.

Perhaps you will take the easy path and animate this gal into a murderous, demonic force, but that sort of ground has been covered before, so you’ll need an original slant.

Maybe this is some artifact from a life-long clown, something cherished and beloved trinket.

Maybe a Dolly Parton fan took a personal doll-making hobby a little too far.

When you see this photo, perhaps you will think of something altogether different.

Happy Writing!

There are a whole list of writing prompts, some with photos, and many traditional exercises, here on my writing prompts page.

Photo Inspiration: A Clown, A Doll, A Deranged Fan?
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