Hey there! Looking for some input, here. Below are four possible cover concepts. Would love to have some “other eyes” giving these a look.

I don’t HAVE to have a cover for the thesis (and the bound version left behind at the Queens University Library won’t have this cover) but the .pdf version I send to my readers and the bound version I retain for my own use CAN have a cover, so, which do you like, which do you not like, and why…

Here are your choices, so far (You can get a closer look by clicking on the image, and the final image will, obviously, not have the digital watermarks that several of the images currently have):


Blues and Oranges, Cover Concept #1


Blues and Oranges, Cover Concept #2



The Blues and The Oranges: Stories, Cover Concept #4

So….what do you think? Give me some input, below.

Thanks to Matt Crow of Leighton Creative for his help in coming up with a few concepts and his general design goodness!

Have a great weekend, and happy writing!!



Cover Art Poll
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  • I’d need to know more about the emotional impact you are going for.

    • Dave, not to be a smart a$$, but, would you be willing to tell me what YOU feel the various covers are saying to you, rather than me (or the designer) imposing pre-determined ideas on it? Anything as simple as “Number one makes me feel ____.” is fine…or, “I like #2 if you are going for ______ and #4 if you want _____.”

  • dave

    just simply choosing between the 4 designs and not knowing what the book is about….i’d pick #4. not a big fan of the font on the other 3. the “sun burst stripes” are cool, but i would take it off the blue section.

    • Thanks, Dave.
      One of the things I’m thinking through is: usually you DON’T know what a book is about when you see the cover the first time, so what is it that draws you in to a cover.
      Two questions of clarification: When you say you’d pick #4 because of the font, is there any other reason for picking #4 besides fonts? and, When you say, “…I would take it off the blue section” for the sunburst stripes, what do you mean by that?

  • Shannon Wagers

    #4 by far.

  • I like 4,3,1 – in that order. 4 has a little more interest with the shadow and the trees. 2 looks like the Arizona flag 🙂

  • #2 feels bold, almost imperial
    #4 feels like the stories should be set somewhere tropical and maybe about vacation
    #3 feels meditative and spiritual
    and #1 doesn’t speak to me

  • i’d like to see option #5, please…

    otherwise, #2 is the only one that doesn’t make me think of a cheesy devotional…

  • Dacia

    Eric, I know I am late to the show on this one, but I agree with Shane 100%. =)